How it all started...

TechTrade LLC, the inventors and manufacturers of Ready-Heat Blankets, was founded in 2003 with the goal of designing and manufacturing products that would make a difference in the world. Over the years, we have assembled a team of individuals that share in our vision and work ethic. Our skills are underscored in our forward thinking product designs and functions. With this dedicated and experienced group, TechTrade has the ability to design the next innovative product and has established itself as an industry leader. Our Ready-Heat Active Warming Blankets are a prime example. They are the first totally portable and disposable heated blankets for treating trauma, shock and hypothermia. Not only a unique design and invention, but a life-saving device used by the United States Military, EMS, Mountain and Water Rescue, and Hospitals around the globe.

Ready-Heat is the best choice for hypothermia prevention and management from the battlefield to the operating room.

Ted Bart, President / CEO




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Our Values

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    Using highest quality components including medical grade fabrics and engineered heating elements.

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    A commitment to develop products that exceed regulatory standards.

  • 3

    Using innovation and out of the box thinking to create products that save lives.

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    Dedicated to designing products our users need and want.