The Only temperature management solution that stays with the patient

Ready-Heat Disposable Self-Warming Blankets are the only product of its kind to prevent/treat hypothermia
for Military and Civilian casualties worldwide.

In the field

All Ready-Heat Blankets come individually sealed in an oxygen free protective poly-bag. When the bag is opened, the blanket’s heating elements react with oxygen in the atmosphere and generate heat without the need of an external power source. They will maintain their temperature for over 8 hours.


Our Ready-Heat First Responder blankets are perfect for patient transport and emergency rescue. They warm up quickly, over a period of 8-10 minutes, for immediate consistent warming. After reaching their peak temperature of 100°F/37.8°C they will remain warm for at least 8 hours.


Our proprietary panel technology is used for slow, continuous and consistent warming. They heat up gradually over a period of 15-20 minutes and after reaching a peak temperature of 104°F/40°C they will provide sufficient warmth and comfort for at least 10 hours.

The Ready-Heat Panel Blanket line is US Military Medical Protocol and approved for fixed wing and rotary aircraft.


The Temperature Management solution for hospitals. A fully mobile patient warming device that can move with the patient from pre-op to intra-op and on to post-op.

Ready-Heat Temperature Management Blankets are a fully disposable, cost effective way to keep every patient warm by maintaining normothermia, increasing patient comfort for higher quality of care and limiting cross-contamination.



Life Saving Medical Blankets



Blankets for Shock & Hypothermia



Temperature Management in Hospital Settings



Comfort & Protection

There’s a reason our blankets are US Military protocol—the technology

Ready-Heat blankets use medical grade non-woven BICO and specially engineered heating elements to create a controlled, measured heat over a long period of time, spreading the heat evenly over the patient.


COVID-19: Open for Business

Ready-Heat is continuing to manufacture and ship all of our products during this unprecedented time. Contact information here!

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Fundamentals of Combat Casualty Care

The Ready-Heat 4 Panel blanket has been Military Medical Protocol since 2006. Read more: fundamentals-of-combat-casualty-care

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